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Inspired by one of Da Vinci great works, the Vitruvian Man is a drawing that correlates the ideal human body proportions with geometry, as described by the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius’ ‘treatise De architectura’.

Dully Sayed took this concept a step further and created BareousWolfsten, a drawing that is based on refining the surface of the human body, whilst taming the inner beast in a man. On March of 2018, the the night of the blood moon, Dully created and founded Barewolf.

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Dont be a Werewolf, be a Barewolf

Barewolf’s mission was forged to make men experience greatness and confidence with their appearance. By performing quick and efficient procedures that contour their bodies and re-energise their souls, men are guaranteed to feel powerful with lasting effects.

Our services have been engineered to refine the outer layers of a man, from a hairy and old-fashioned figure, into a sharper, modern and cleaner version of himself.

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