Need the Ultra Look Complexion?
Wanting the absolute latest in skin enhancement technology?
Look no further than Barewolf’s Fractora.
 Sydney’s Ultimate Masculine Skin Care Solution.

Fractora is the pinnacle in skin needling technology.
It works by combining two technologies to remodel tissue and collagen to treat fine lines on all skin types leaving you feeling revitalised and capable of handling every situation.
Barewolf’s Fractora – Sydney’s supreme technology for skin enhancement.
It’s like skin needling on steroids!

Barewolf – where respectfulness and professionalism meet male aesthetics.

Barewolf Fractora

High-density radio frequency technology combines with insulated micro-needles to generate and innovative approach to anti-aging cosmetic treatments. Fractora treatments produce new collagen and elastin for riper, healthier skin.

  • Younger looking, tighter skin
  • Improves the appearance of sagging skin and fine lines
  • Walk-in/Walk-out procedure
  • Reduces the appearance of skin blemishes like acne scars
  • FDA & TGA approved

Barewolf’s Fractora – Sydney men rely on Dully and his qualified team of professionals to produce
world-class results with this medical-grade procedure.

Ask about Barewolf’s package deals and save.

Barewolf’s Fractora – Sydney men rely on Dully and his qualified team of professionals to produce.


How much does it cost?
The combined technologies of skin needling and high-density radio frequency works in unison to enhance collagen and elastin production in the body. These two naturally occurring substances have been proven to tone and firm skin tissue for an improved appearance.
How many procedures do I need initially?
Initially, your skin needs to be brought up to maximum health and this usually takes around three treatments. This gives you the baseline we can then maintain into the future.
What’s involved with maintaining my skin using Fractora?
To maintain healthy, firm skin we generally recommend this revitalising treatment once every 12 months. Our fully trained staff will assess your skin and make a recommendation to personalise optimal results for you.
Is it painful?
Minimal pain is experienced by some clients. We have appropriate pain management therapies available to ease discomfort. These include ice packs, numbing cream, basic medications and vibration therapy
How much does it cost?
$350 for a single full-face treatment.
Ask our staff about the package deals available for Fractora treatments. We can build a package for you and work out the best price possible.
A 30% saving is available if you book the 3 initial treatments.
Ask if we are running any promotional deals when you book your treatment.
Why are other clinics cheaper?
It is well known in the aesthetics community that you get what you pay for.
Barewolf offers the premium standard in Fractora treatments with an experienced consultant available throughout your procedure. Our facility is fully accredited and meets the highest industry standards. This provides our clients with an added layer of safety which is rare and brings them great confidence.
In short, we take the precautions to get it right.
Are there any side effects?
Fractora is a non-surgical, medical-grade procedure which dramatically improves your skin’s appearance and firmness. The redness after the treatment may last 2-3 days but poses no risk. There is minimal bleeding due to the needling but this clears up quickly. You will be given care instructions and should be able to resume your normal activities the following day.
What are Combination Therapies?
Due to the nature of Fractora, there is a rare opportunity to combine therapies to further improve results and save.
We highly recommend combining your Fractora treatment with a special medical-grade skin care treatment we offer. This should take place 2-3 weeks prior to your Fractora treatment for optimal results.
Also, Fractora creates the additional opportunity to combine LED light treatment to promote faster healing and recovery time.

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