Are you male? Are you hairy? Are you sick of shaving?
Barewolf – Get the original & best laser
hair removal Sydney has to offer.

Blitz Your Unwanted Hair for Permanent Hair Reduction..

Trimmed to perfection, you’ll have the confidence to dominate your day. So control your appearance and meet your challenges head on.

The Barewolf Laser Hair Removal Benefits

  • Discreet service from experienced professionals
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Don’t waste any more time shaving, waxing or plucking
  • Respectful man-to-man service
  • Safe state-of-the-art equipment approved by the regulators
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Fast walk-in/walk-out service

Start Your Transformation at the world’s first male-only Clinic
– Barewolf

Start Your Transformation at the world’s first male-only Clinic – Barewolf

How it works

Our clinicians provide excellence in laser hair removal. Sydney-based, we respectfully service all men from all backgrounds on all parts of their bodies.

The process –

  • A laser is focused on the hair to be removed.
  • Its energy is absorbed by the hair pigment and this disrupts its ability to grow.
  • We will personalise your treatment plan to suit your skin & hair type.
  • This method is very safe and millions of treatments have been carried out around the world.

Barewolf Technology is the Platinum Standard in Laser Hair Removal in Sydney

Sydney’s Barewolf clinics are home to the most up-to-date and safest laser hair removal technology.
We use the two best quality brands in laser hair removal. Each is most effective in class for its specific application and your safety is priority.

Lumenis Blended Technology

  • 2-in-1 Laser Head Technology
  • Treatment is virtually pain-freey
  • Suited to all skin typesy
  • Square spot pattern means less patchy resulty
  • Average male body takes 45 minutesy
  • No need to return for touch-upsy
  • Significantly reduced chance of burning skiny

Lutronics Clarity

  • Revolutionary technology
  • High-powered device for deeper penetration
  • Suited to all skin types
  • 2 wavelengths – 755 & 1064 nm
  • 5 shots/second with 25mm spot size
  • 45 minutes for average male body


Does it hurt?
Using our premium machines, it’s almost pain-free. The men coming to our clinic rarely mention any pain. The treatment is very safe and occurs discretely in private consulting rooms.
What if I have tattoos?
Tattoos are a problem because the laser will make them fade. This means other hair removal treatments are best suited to tattooed areas.
I’m dark skinned…
Our laser technology is the leader in its class and capable of success on most skin colours. Our experienced operators will ensure your result is optimal each and every time you visit.
What technology do you use?
We use a world-leading range of equipment including Candela, Lutronics and Lumenis. They are the premium brand laser hair removal devices Sydney has to offer. These are all medically certified and represent the platinum standard in the industry.
Will it work as well on blonde hair?
As blondes have less pigment, laser hair removal is generally less effective. We recommend coming in for a consultation so we can use our years of experience to give you the best possible advice on whether it’s right for you.
How should I prepare myself for a treatment?
Please follow these guidelines for the region being treated to ensure you receive the best quality laser hair removal Sydney has to offer –

  • Shave 12-24 hours prior.
  • Exfoliate to remove dead skin.
  • Do not use other hair removal treatments in the 4 weeks preceding your appointment.
  • Wash away fake tanning enhancements.
  • Avoid sunburn or tanning for at least 2 weeks prior to your treatment.
  • No skin resurfacing treatments prior to your appointment.
What’s the minimum age for the treatment?
Anyone below 16 years of age will require written parental approval.

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