Masculinity Starts in the Bedroom.
Need Discreet Libido Enhancement?
 Sydney’s Barewolf Clinics will Fire Your Loins.

Scientifically proven and medically safe, the Body Boost Bed will arouse your performance… and your partner’s pleasure
Barewolf’s libido enhancement –
Sydney’s solution for men who go the extra mile.
Discretion and respect guaranteed.
There’s a long list of benefits that come from using the Body Boost Bed. Be amazed by this proven technology’s ability to add multiple health improvements due to its photon therapy which stimulates elastin and collagen production creating regenerative results.
What the Body Boost Bed will do for You –

  • Sexual Health Benefits
    • Increased blood flow for stamina and potency
    • Boost your confidence and your drive
  • Anti-Aging Confidence
    • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    • Treats skin redness, eczema and acne
    • Reduces cellulite
    • Anti-aging therapy for your entire body
  • Sports Injury Recovery
    • Proven anti-inflammatory benefits to reduce pain and bruising
    • Accelerate your recovery from surgery
    • Better circulation for greater stamina and reduced recovery time
    • Immediate and cumulative results boost overall athletic performance
  • General Health Boost
    • Deeper, less-wakeful sleep to combat fatigue
    • Increased metabolic rate for more energy
    • Improved outcomes for diabetics
    • Reduce stress and improve blood pressure readings
    • Increased blood flow for faster wound and injury healing

Onda Body Sculpting –Release Your Inner Hercules

Need libido enhancement? Sydney is home to the
world’s first male-only clinic – Barewolf.
Now with the Body Boost Bed.


How much does it cost?
Free trials available. Contact us to see if you qualify.
Enquire about saving up to 50% with our packages.
Ask about throwing in a sauna at a reduced rate.
Can I get burnt?
The chances of getting burnt via photon therapy are very slim. We have had zero cases of burning due to our pre-eminent safety procedures. Book your session with confidence.
How safe is it?
The Body Boost Bed is medically proven technology that provides the benefits described with none of the downsides. You’ll feel amazing and rejuvenated after your session.
How does it work?
Photon rays stimulate the body’s natural functions. This results in greater blood flow in addition to collagen and elastin production. This plumps the skin and improves a range of health outcomes including libido. You leave the session feeling relaxed and rested.

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