Feeling Run Down?
Lacking Energy?
 Take Control with Energy-Boosting IV Nutrient Therapy

Medical-grade, nutritionally balanced IV fluids can help improve your stamina, resistance to disease and reduce the appearance of aging. Give yourself the boost you need by having one of our professional staff safely administer Sydney’s best IV fluid for hydration and nutrients.

Barewolf –Men Treating Men

For IV fluid,Sydney relies on Barewolf.

Once only available in hospitals, Barewolf is now a trusted supplier of medical-grade IV fluid. Sydney’s two Barewolf clinics can give you the benefits of this ground-breaking immune system hit.
For the best IV fluid for hydration and nutrients, make your Barewolf appointment.

  • Illness prevention
  • Detox your body for peak performance
  • Reduce the appearance of aging
  • Cleanse arteries by removing impurities
  • Feel rejuvenated and energized
  • Prime and boost your immune system and combat fatigue for greater endurance

Need IV fluid?
Sydney’s Barewolf clinics are now offering IV nutrient therapies so you can Man Up all day long.
Book your IV Therapy appointment now.


How does it work?
Packed full of immediately absorbable nutrition, the fluid is injected directly into a suitable vein. This means it by-passes the body’s normal channels to go directly to where it’s needed – your cells. This ensures the maximum positive effect.
What are the side effects?
Severe side effects from this therapy are rare. Some people may experience thirst, a reddening of the face or very mild dizziness. We can offer the best in support to overcome these.
Can I administer my own IV?
No. IV fluids must be administered by trained professionals to reduce the risk of spreading disease, injury and incorrect dosages. Book your appointment at Barewolf where our highly trained staff will take every precaution to keep you safe during this state-of-the-art therapy.
What is in IV fluids?
The solution is specially formulated with the correct balance of glucose, electrolytes and other nutrients to ensure hydration and immune system boosting occur. Some therapies include amino acids and B-group vitamins for added benefits.
Does IV fluid cause swelling?
If too much fluid is administered, some clients may notice swelling. This is why a professional always needs to be in charge of dosage rates and administration.
What are the active ingredients?
The active ingredients vary depending on the issues clients wish to improve. At Barewolf, we offer three treatments targeting hydration, energy boosting and libido enhancement.

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