Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the easiest ways to impress those around you, feel younger and boost your confidence. It is an effortless, straight forward treatment that can make a big difference in your life. Pure Smile has combined a proven peroxide free natural teeth whitening solution with the most powerful LED teeth whitening light ever designed to provide you with a professional teeth whitening system at great value.

With Pure Smile we offer Instant results, results up to eleven shades lighter, a safe, painless/gentle treatment for your gums/teeth and a dental grade and FDA registered products Made in USA

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The process

  • One of our professionally trained technicians will assess your initial shade.
  • Our activation spray is applied to your teeth with a sponge brush. This pre-treatment will prepare your teeth for the whitening process as well as it also helps with the activation of the whitening gel.
  • Your mouth tray will be filled with our custom formulated peroxide free gel. All of our technicians undergo extensive training so the gel is placed in your tray correctly for maximum results.
  • Now you sit back and relax with your protection glasses one and we apply our dental grade LED light which will activate the process.
  • Every 15 minutes we repeat this process to get multiple activation of the gel with the LED in your treatment to achieve best results possible.

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