Barewolf Skin Needling –
Sydney’s Original Male-Only Grooming Clinic

Taut skin reveals the man underneath.

Your skin is your largest organ. Keeping it looking at its peak will give you the confidence to perform all day and all night.
Glowing, plump skin tells the world you’re up for anything and able to dominate. Avoid inferior treatments and ensure you receive the Barewolf Dermapen technology that’s proven to perform.

Barewolf Skin Needling –
Sydney’s first choice in Dermapen technology.

The Dermapen Advantage

The Dermapen has revolutionised skin needling and our skilled operators have thousands of hours of experience in this reliable technology.

  • Targets wrinkles, loose skin and fine lines.
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin growth to plump loose skin.
  • No pain, no fuss. Total satisfaction.
  • Customised needles to suit client requirements.
  • Special advancements allow the Dermapen to access hard to reach skin around the eyes, nose and lips and still perform a peak levels.
  • No risks like those associated with surgery.

Dermapen – Reliable, Affordable, Effective
Anti-Wrinkle Treatment

Dermapen - Reliable, Affordable, Effective Anti-Wrinkle Treatment


How long do Dermapen results last?
Typically, results last between 3 and 5 months. Many clients schedule three treatments per year so they are confident they are perpetually looking their best.
How long does it take to see results?
It may take up to 5 days before you will see dramatic improvements in the appearance of your skin. This is completely normal with the Dermapen process.
How painful is Dermapen?
As the needles enter the skin vertically, there is little or no pain associated with Dermapen treatment.
What about bacteria?
Dermapen attachments are disposable, single-use implements to ensure there is no opportunity for cross-contamination.
Where on the body can the Dermapen be used?
All over. It’s suitable for stretch marks, acne, abdominal scars, legs, arms and hands. Microneedles damage the skin to rejuvenate the skin cells and stimulate more collagen for fresher, younger and more attractive skin.

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