Gleaming teeth make a winning smile.
Barewolf Teeth Whitening – Sydney’s Best.

Catch their eyes with a teeth whitening treatment so you can look the part and feel confident in all circumstances.
White teeth send a message of glamour and control to all who witness them. Our teeth whitening treatments are Sydney’s finest because we use only proven techniques and superior technology.

Come out on top with Barewolf teeth whitening!
Sydney’s ultimate teeth whitening option as provided by Pure Smile.

Get The Smile That Transfixes

Get The Smile That Transfixes

The Barewolf Teeth Whitening Process

Our courteous and discreet technicians are fully trained in safety and procedural excellence and we follow the system that works –

  • Your current teeth shade will be noted.
  • The activation pre-treatment spray is applied to your teeth to enhance the final outcome.
  • Your mouth tray will be filled with our custom formulated peroxide free gel. All of our technicians undergo extensive training so the gel is placed in your tray correctly for maximum results.
  • The specially formulated gel is administered.
  • With your protection goggles on, you now relax and let the dental grade LED light work its magic.
  • The process is repeated 2x 30 minute applications so your teeth can become up to 11 shades brighter.


How much whiter will my teeth be after the treatment?
This varies from person to person. We are confident you’ll see a noticeable improvement and be happy with the result like our other clients.
How soon will I see results?
Immediately. You’ll walk out of the clinic beaming and instantly turn heads.
My teeth discoloration is from smoking. Will your procedure work on me?
Yes. You may require a couple of treatments but there will be a noticeable difference. We also recommend you reduce your smoking to maintain your new white teeth.
Are there any side effects?
Very few clients feel a slight sensitivity after the treatment. This can last a few days. With the Barewolf treatment, there is no damage to the enamel of your teeth.
How can I maintain my new bright teeth?
We will provide you with a specially formulated teeth foam and home care kit so you can maintain the result you desire. You should also keep up standard oral hygiene for elongated appeal and confidence.

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