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Inspired by one of Da Vinci great works, the Vitruvian Man is a drawing that correlates the ideal human body proportions with geometry, as described by the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius’ ‘treatise De architectura’.

Dully Sayed took this concept a step further and created BareousWolfsten, a drawing that is based on refining the surface of the human body, whilst taming the inner beast in a man. On March of 2018, the the night of the blood moon, Dully created and founded Barewolf.


Look Sharp. Feel Good. Take on Your World.

At our Barewolf clinics, we empower men to take pride in their grooming and appearance. From this comes the inner confidence they need to enable them to come out on top.

This is what we believe.
This is what we live.
This is what we value.

To help more men feel the self-assurance that comes with impeccable appearance, we want to offer them a solution that comes with –

Free Value through our Membership Packages and MORE!
Free Consultation before Your First Treatment

We are Barewolf.

Our work reflects our values of respect, integrity, excellence, health and professionalism.
We have created an inclusive den, a sanctuary, where men may come and feel welcome, supported and inspired to unmute their silent potential.
At Barewolf, men are valued for being men. They are respected for their masculinity. They are celebrated for who they are.

Barewolf – Creating a New Age of Respect for Men

Barewolf Vision

We see a future where men are proud of their appearance and respected for maintaining it. This fuels their self-esteem and gives them the confidence to make a positive contribution in all facets of their community.

We see men being all they can be.

Barewolf Mission

We provide men with the highest quality aesthetic treatments so they feel confident to take on their challenges with dignity, integrity and good will. We accomplish this by creating a supportive and inclusive environment where men are respected and by supplying superior –

  • Counsel
  • Knowledge & Skill
  • Technology & Results
  • Personal Service
  • Value & Values

We help men become the best versions of themselves.

Meet our pack

Start Your Transformation at the world’s first male-only Clinic
– Barewolf

Start Your Transformation at the world’s first male-only Clinic
– Barewolf

Dont be a Werewolf, be a Barewolf

Barewolf’s mission was forged to make men experience greatness and confidence with their appearance. By performing quick and efficient procedures that contour their bodies and re-energise their souls, men are guaranteed to feel powerful with lasting effects.

Our services have been engineered to refine the outer layers of a man, from a hairy and old-fashioned figure, into a sharper, modern and cleaner version of himself.

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Contact Us

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